Omnichannel Shopping: Shifting Dynamics in a New Decade

FMI and its partners, Nielsen and USC Marshall School of Business, investigate the projected digital impact on food and beverage retailing. Findings from this research suggests that retailers will not all be impacted to the same degree. These reports offer strategic answers to questions such as, who is the omnishopper

What categories are driving the seamless omnichannel experience? What influence does this digital shopper wield? What do Gen Z and millennial shoppers look for in their grocery shopping experience and how can companies cater to the newest generation with spending potential that exceeds Boomers? 

Our digital journey continues in a series of 2020 analyses: The Grocery Shopping Habits of Gen Z and Millennials and The Omnishopper Imperative for Food Retailers: Growing Size of the Online Prize and Emphasizing Digitally-Engaged Shoppers.

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