An overview of Symbol Health Solutions patient services

I'm ready to quit

Program Mission 

Symbol Health’s mission is to provide team-based comprehensive care that emphasizes self-management to improve your overall wellbeing and prevent complications associated with long-term tobacco use.

It’s not so much about quitting, or “cessation” to “cease” tobacco use. It’s more about rediscovering your own personal power to control cravings so they don’t manipulate your life, behaviors and health.


The Symbol Tobacco Cessation Program begins with you: the patient who decides to change.

Nicotine is the addictive substance in tobacco that’s drives compulsive tobacco use. But, through your Symbol Clinic, patients benefit from a combined approach to quitting smoking, chewing, dipping or vaping with both lifestyle intervention and pharmacotherapy (prescribed medicines associated with quitting tobacco).

This program is FREE of cost for established Symbol Health Solutions patients – including medications available onsite.




Patient-determined goals

Establish personal accountability mechanisms

Workbook distribution for at-home journaling


Team-based social support

Candid conversations to discuss common triggers, cessation motivators and possible rewards

Physical Examination

All Symbol Health Solutions patients should be “established” at a Symbol Clinic prior to participating in the Symbol Tobacco Cessation Program. That means that a Symbol medical provider will need to conduct a thorough exam to determine the best course of treatment to supplement your wellness coaching.


Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) reduces withdrawal feelings by giving you a small controlled amount of nicotine to curb cravings.

Symbol Clinics carry NRT aids onsite including:

Patch • Gum • Lozenge


A Symbol Health medical professional will work with you to determine whether combination therapy - NRT plus prescription medication - is the best approach for you. Prescription cessation aids such as Bupropion SR may be available onsite at your Symbol Clinic, and other prescriptions could be written as deemed necessary by your provider.

Are you ready to regain control?

Call ahead so your Symbol Health Coach can enroll you into the Tobacco Cessation Program and support you in your journey toward greater control over your future health and wellness. You can do this! Your tomorrow starts today.

Call your Symbol Clinic or dial 251.338.2942.

I'm ready to quit