An overview of Symbol Health Solutions patient services

Program Mission 

Symbol Health’s mission is to provide team-based comprehensive care that emphasizes self-management to improve your overall wellbeing and prevent complications.

Whether you’re Type 1, Type 2, prediabetic or have a family history of diabetes ... the Symbol Diabetes Management Program is tailored to address your individual interests. Our team-based approach to care ensures that you fully understand this chronic condition, how to manage it, how your medication works, how food and exercise affects your blood glucose, and helps you learn skills to control this condition for a lifetime of better overall health.


Medical Services

onsite screenings

Annual Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes Screenings

A1c check

Blood Pressure checks

Monofilament foot exams

Onsite lab draws to be sent to third-party laboratories with results in 24-48 hours

Chronic Disease Management

Blood Pressure Management

Diabetic eye exam referral

Podiatry foot exam referral

Hyperglycemic medication algorithm

Blood Sugar (HgA1c) Goal Control

Lab review to determine medication effectiveness

Monitor co-morbidities in renal, eye, liver, neuropathy and cardiovascular outcomes

Completion of monthly forms for weight loss centers

Medication & Supply Management

Medication review to make sure they are optimized according to ADA, ACE guidelines

Initiation of medications if not on current ADA, ACE guidelines and not allergic

Onsite Medication Distribution

Lipid medication (statins) • Pioglitazone • Lispro • Glimepiride • Insulin • Glyburide • Metformin HCL • Metformin HCL ER • Insulin • Detemir • Toujeo • Syringes • Glucometers • Test Strips

Vaccinations for Diabetics

Hepatitis B 



And More

Diabetes Counseling

Extensive patient education as needed

Eligible patients may have free one-on-one access to a Symbol Health Coach (ask your HR department to see if you qualify)

Counseling women of childbearing age

Counseling prediabetics for prevention