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FoodMinds Covid Food System Realities

COVID-19 is sending shockwaves across the food system at all levels. Much has been written about the immediate pressures caused by this pandemic and the short-term pivots to mitigate them, but it’s clear these effects will be felt for a lifetime. 

When social distancing eases and we look out over the next several months and years, where will we be? What will our relationship with food look like? And how do food system stakeholders navigate these uncharted waters?

Join the experts at FoodMinds for a discussion on these important questions and what they could mean for your organization during the webinar, “COVID-19’s Wake-Up Call: Food System Realities Reimagined.” The webinar will explore five new “food system realities” brought on by COVID-19, paired with reimagined possibilities and thought starters to help bring these possibilities to life.



  • Elizabeth Stoltz – Director, FoodMinds
  • Laura Cubillos, RD – Founding Partner, FoodMinds; EVP, Food, Beverage and Nutrition Practice, Padilla





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