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“The key to great interviewing is listening—concentrating solely on the answer to be sure you're aligned with your guest. The same is true for great business leaders. Art’s guide for gaining greater alignment can help any team or organization achieve top performance.”
—Larry King, the world’s most recognized interviewer

The workplace is changing. Covid-19, political and social movements, new technology and new ways of being are causing shifts and ripples in your organization that will impact your organizational effectiveness, if you don't find a way to create alignment. 

Alignment is more than just employee engagement and creating a new mission statement. It's investing in your employees and leadership and helping them understand how their work truly supports the organizational mission. It's giving them the tools to create work that matters to them, which turns organizations into high-performing machines that support the organizational vision and deliver the results that customers and clients want. 

Art Johnson, CEO and Founder of Orgametrics, understands how to do this, from being a leader for organizations such as IBM, US West (CenturyLink) and Medtronic. Based on his experience, he created the Nine Pillars of Alignment, which helps organizations align their words and actions, consistently, to their mission, values and strategic plan to become more effective. 

His new book, The Art of Alignment, gives readers the tools and data they need to make real organizational change, with examples from corporations, government and nonprofits. 

“Implementing the strategies within these pages is bound to enhance your career as a leader and generate incredible results for your organization.”
―Harvey Mackay, author of Pushing the Envelope All the Way to the Top

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“Today's best organizations need alignment, not just engagement, to drive their success. The Art of Alignment shows leaders how to identify, achieve and sustain organizational alignment to fulfill their mission and goals.”
―Ken Blanchard, co-author of The New One Minute Manager and Servant Leadership in Action

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