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Foundations for Transformational Leadership

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Ready for the next leap in your career?

Through real-time interactive sessions, applied coaching, learning exercises, group work, assessments, pre-recorded presentations of key models, assignments that utilize different learning modalities, and a strategic action learning project, participants will walk away having made—and with the capability to continue to make—a decisive impact on their own leadership, their teams, and their organizations.

Blended Learning Approach


Ideal candidates ARE:   

Managers looking to expand and elevate their leadership capabilities to the next level and/or high-potential, new, and/or emerging leaders who have recently been (or will soon be) promoted from being individual contributors to leaders


  • The self-awareness and capacity for introspection required to become an effective leader
  • A shift in mindset from that of individual contributor to that of a leader and strategic thinker
  • The ability to adapt their leadership style to meet specific organizational challenges
  • Essential skills and techniques to look at challenges from a different perspective, leaving them with more clarity and self-confidence to powerfully deal with difficult situations
  • Elevated capability to engage, persuade, and influence others, even those over whom they have little/no direct authority
  • Tools to communicate their vision in a way that truly inspires and motivates the people around them, including increasing team productivity and accountability
  • The experience of having expanded their network through collaboration with a cohort of like-minded leaders

“This program changed my trajectory as a leader, and created a whole new possibility for my future. The program is not theoretical; it’s simple but effective tools to improve your leadership.”
~ Senior Sales Manager

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