Is Your Brand Ready To
Take On Gen-Z?

Download Vivaldi's latest report on Gen-Z for smart brand solutions that exceed new consumer expectations.

Fresh Expectations_


Access Over Ownership

For Gen-Z, consumption means having access to products or services, not necessarily owning them.



Gen-Z expects to be understood on a personal level and have products and services tailored to them.


Anchored In Ethics

Gen-Z considers sustainability when making a purchase and wants brands to be driven by a social purpose.


Seamless Experiences

Gen-Z demands an integrated customer experience at every touchpoint, with no barriers to purchase.


Capturing Attention

Gen-Z decides in seconds if something is worth their attention.

New Opportunities_

Gen-Z has begun influencing the purchasing behaviors of people of all ages and incomes, and is reframing the way people consume and relate to brands.

Businesses will need to make shifts to become more integrated to engage Gen-Z. 

Approaches to strategy, product usage, consumer relationships, customer experience and communication will need to evolve from sales-led, transactional and siloed to consumer-led, valuable and interactive.

Vivaldi's Gen-Z report will show you how.


About Vivaldi_

Vivaldiā€™s single focus is business and brand transformation through platform thinking.

Can a consultancy be strategy-first, customer-first and digital-first?

In a world of Platforms disrupting every category, industry and market, the real question is: can one afford not to be?

We are here to help every CEO, CMO and business leader uncover new growth opportunities and transform the way they operate, despite of living in times of unprecedented levels of change and disruption.

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