The New Marketing Game Plan

The New Marketing Game Plan explains how to unlock hidden insights that can help guide you and your team to greater success.

Download it to discover:

  • Why analytical, collaborative and commercial are the crucial capabilities for marketing leaders

  • How to transform strategy, customer experience, organisation, operations, and technology

  • How platform thinking can put your brand in a different league

New rules demand new skills and fresh approaches to value creation.  It's time to develop your game sense.



The key capabilities and skills for a successful Marketer


How to create long term equity by focusing on customer value


How Platform Thinking can raise consumer expectations beyond your competition 

Questions that every business leader must answer

Do you understand your customer data well enough to make the right business decisions?

Can your business blend long-term strategy with in-the-moment agility to shape its future?

Do you innovate new experiences, business models, and platforms as well as products?

Does your brand dare to be sharp and strong enough to compete in the new agile playing field?

About Vivaldi_

Vivaldi is an independent strategy-first, digital-first, and customer-first business and brand transformation firm. We’re proud to have answered complex strategy and brand questions for some of the world’s most forward-thinking companies







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Platform Thinking

Platformization Readiness
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Brand Leadership

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Brand Purpose & Positioning
Brand Strategy & Identity
Brand-led Transformation
Corporate Identity
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Direct to Consumer (DTC)
Growth Strategy
New Business Models
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Experience Innovation

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