Your business
may be at risk

The U.S. Secret Service recovers over 1,000 card skimmers on fuel dispensers each year. The average skimmer harvests 80 cards before it’s found.1 You’ll soon be on the hook for any charges made on your forecourt with all those counterfeit cards.

We’re in your corner

On October 1, 2020, the liability for chargebacks due to payment fraud at the pump will shift to station owners.

To help protect you, Dover Fueling Solutions (DFS) created this site to give you all the information you need about the EMV liability shift. No matter where you are in the conversion process, we have the resources you need to get there.

Upon registering, you’ll have full access to our download center. It contains the latest news and data on outdoor fraud, tips on enabling EMV, and a guide to preparing for a site evaluation.

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Get ahead of the game

Converting to EMV takes time. You need to assess the current state of your site, identify your needs, and implement the necessary products and software. Plus, there’s a limited number of certified technicians available to do the work—which is why starting early is so important. If you’re not sure where to start, download our Station Owner’s Guide or contact your DFS distributor to determine your next steps.

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Better Solutions

Since outdoor payment options began in 1968, we have been at the forefront of outdoor hardware and software technology—and will remain so in the future. As new technology emerges, Dover Fueling Solutions can help you take advantage of the latest upgrades so you always have the equipment that works best for your needs.


Compliance Levels

Your point-of-sale (POS) vendor is responsible for updating their software to the proper EMV compliance level. Even if they’re not ready, DFS can help you achieve the first two levels through the implementation of various hardware and software. Then, when your payment processor is ready, the rest of the conversion will be fast and easy.

POS Upgrade Status

Learn more about EMV requirements and the transition process by registering to download our handy Steps to Enabling EMV guide.

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A global leader in fuel dispenser products and software, Dover Fueling Solutions offers a range of Wayne Fueling Systems hardware and software solutions for making the transition to EMV as easy and cost-effective as possible.