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Bidirectional Programmable DC Power Supplies & Regenerative Electronic Loads

The "gold standard" for power supplies featuring full auto-ranging to test more with just one product. Both the 3U / 15kW and 4U / 30kw PSB series are bidirectional supplies with an integrated regenerative electronic load.


Product Highlights

  • Auto-ranging: Full power through a wide operating range
    • Bidirectional power supply & regenerative e-load all in one
  • Power ratings: 30 kW, expandable up to 1.02 MW
  • Voltages: 60 to 2000 Vdc
  • Current ratings: 40 A up to 1000 A in a single chassis, expandable to 34,000 A
  • Energy recovery with up to 95% efficiency
  • Built-in Test Functions: Battery & MPP/PV tracking simulation