An innovation session that is tailored to your specific issues regarding optimizing customer and / or employee interaction.


A Dialog Groep consultant will guide and look with you in an open group discussion (including methods) at the possibilities and benefits of using digital technologies for your organization.

Depending on the issues you have, the following topics will be covered:

  • a uniform customer experience across all channels;
    • simplifying (digital) customer interaction; 
    • a faster and more efficient customer journey.

The starting point is always the current situation of your organization, afterwards we work together to the desired situation.

Practical information

  • The session duration is a maximum of approximately 4 hours.
    • The session duration is a maximum of approximately 4 hours.
    • The session is led by a Dialog Groep consultant.
    • Voor de sessie is het aan te raden een ruimte met tv of beamer te reserveren (inclusief WiFi).
    • The innovation session is entirely without obligation and is organized for:
      - at least 3 participants;
      - management level (IT, Marketing or Business);

If the two above-mentioned criteria are not met, we will charge an amount of 950.00 euros.

With which insight  do you leave the room?

  • New insights in the field of modern digital applications and how they can help optimize customer and employee interaction.
    • You get specific insight into the possible benefits and applications of such solutions, but also the steering information that this provides.
    • We are also happy to provide you with the right context and prior knowledge to subsequently express the 1 + 1 = 3 success formula together.
    • As a practical conclusion, we provide a top 3 of use cases that are interesting to work out further.

      Of course, there is also the possibility to prepare questions oneself and discuss them.


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