The Post Construction Solution



Platino Properties engaged DLP Manager as they were looking for a solution that engages all relevant owners, builders and subcontractors, to assist with the management of defects logged by residents from handover.

What Platino Properties wanted out of the DLP Manager platform was documentation of defects, reduced time coordinating and chasing builders and subcontractors, and a better customer experience.

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Challenges faced in defects management

Using Excel to manage hundreds of units.
Photos getting issued via SMS / email.
Receiving emails with numerous defects and photos in no order across multiple emails.
No access to historical documentation and the history of the units.
Lost documentation across multiple mediums.

Benefits platino experienced with dlp manager

      Automated workflow. Automated notifications. Residents can log and manage their own defects. Ability to independently review each item. The defect workflow shows who is responsible, taking the onus off of the developer.          

Benefits To Platino Properties

Increase Productivity

The built in workflow enforces a structure that when followed by all stakeholders, ensures the right result.


The status of the defect workflow shows who is responsible, taking the onus off the developer.

Driving Lessons Learned

Important data and analytics delivers critical insights.

Clear Communication

Providing all key stakeholders with the perfect tools for managing their post-construction liabilities.

What Platino Properties Said About DLP Manager

"I am a big fan of the platform and spruiking it very hard here at Platino."

"Thank you for calling us and introducing us to your platform – it is a game-changer."

 "A big 'thank you' goes out to your customer success team too, for helping our builders get on board, and responding to their queries - typically in minutes!"

 "The reports on different defects are an awesome tool, it's great to collect all this data." 

"We will be implementing this on all our future projects."

"I can see a future where everyone in Australia is using your tool!"


Alex Revay

Platino Properties