Understanding Culture, Climate and Engagement
Choosing the Right Survey for Your Business

Thursday 12 May, 2022

11am AEST | 9am AWST | 1pm NZST 

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With so many surveys available in the market now, you may have found yourself wondering which to choose. How do you decide which metric is best for your team or business? What is the difference between engagement, culture or climate? Which one will give you useful results and set you up for success?  

Employee surveys are a common occurrence in most businesses; the impact of them, however, can be quite variable. In this webinar we will discuss the growing trend to measure the employee experience, what the evidence base is for these measures, and how they can contribute to your business. 

Join Sentis Head of Psychology Dr Amy Hawkes to explore: 

•   The components of engagement and the differences between engagement, climate and culture
•   Recent research across these areas
•   When and why to assess engagement or culture
•   Tips for selecting quality assessments  

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Meet Your Presenter


Amy Hawkes
Head of Psychology, Sentis

Amy is an endorsed organisational psychologist with experience in organisational development, leadership, culture and wellbeing. Experienced in both research and consulting, Amy has conducted individual and organisational interventions, large research projects, and has 10 years’ experience as an academic.
Amy is passionate about taking an evidence-based approach to improve workplaces. As the Head of Psychology, she brings best practice insights to business, strong statistical skills and applied research methodology to her work. She leads the research team and provides strategic guidance to the assessment tools and reporting offered by Sentis.

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