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90% of senior brokers and underwriters say that cyber is the line of business undergoing the most rapid transformation—does this ring true for your business?  

This is one of the exclusive insights contained in our new infographic, built upon our survey of 200 senior underwriters and brokers. Check it out now to get ahead of the curve and discover how cyber is set to evolve in 2022. 

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By requesting the infographic you’ll be able to :

• Drill down into the specific technologies that are impacting the cyber insurance market and reducing risk
• Discover how brokers and insurers are managing their internal challenges: Will we see a boom in hiring cyber executives?
• Understand what is most likely to improve the profitability of cyber insurance: Is risk engineering the key? 

• Find out if the cyber market is sustainable in the long term: Will a lack of capacity stifle growth?
• Get to grips with the cyber threat landscape:  What is driving the biggest losses?
• Acquire insights into the relationship between brokers and underwriters:  Who is best placed to deliver risk mitigation services to insureds?

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Here’s a taster on facts and figures you’ll glean from the survey results:

• 62% listed ransomware as their top challenge for 2022
• 39% said employee education was the best tactic for improving cyber resilience
• Multi-factor authentication was listed at the most important technology for reducing cyber risk, with 73% of respondents in agreement

Access the infographic now using the form on the right >>

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