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Bike to the Beach is more than an event.

Bike to the Beach is an opportunity to get your entire company involved in a movement. A movement designed to help raise money for and awareness of Autism and Developmental disABILITIES.

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There are many ways your company can get involved:

We have opportunities for your entire company to get involved.


At the core of your corporate team will be those who choose to ride the 100-miles. But your corporate team isn't limited to those who'll be jumping on their bikes. We have a complete program to get your entire company involved in the effort and play a significant role in the success of your team.

Donate Products or Services

We're always looking for a helping hand with all the things that go into putting together rides of this size. If your company can donate bike mechanic services or equipment, food or energy bars, and, yes, beverages for our finish line celebration, we'd love to talk to you.

Sponsor a Ride

Bike to the Beach strives to host awesome and impactful charity cycling events. Our events are win-win-win scenarios for sponsors: a memorable event for all participants, expansive coverage for partners and generous giving and impact on the autism community. Sponsoring Bike to the Beach opens doors into our community.


Those who exercise together, build morale together. Those who have a goal will perform more consistently and be more productive!

Create a fun and impactful experience

Our rider and volunteer ALL have fun and love helping the autism community.

Giving back to the community appeals to your customers.

An estimated 91% of consumers are likely to switch brands to one associated with a good cause


Approximately 84% of Americans ages 21-35 consider companies’ commitments to social issues when deciding where to work.

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