Contact center benefits when microsoft teams meets cc4teams

Microsoft Teams is created with collaboration and
communication in mind; CC4Teams adds features that allow Contact Centers
to fully function.

Microsoft & CC4Teams Webinar

A Contact Center needs Omni-channel functionality such as (on-demand) call recording, historical and real-time reporting, PowerBI integration, wallboards, home workers, operator, and supervisor settings. These and many other features are added natively by CC4Teams.

CC4Teams is the perfect addition
We have created the perfect addition to your Microsoft Teams environment. All on the same screen that you've been working with already.

Therefore, there is no additional training needed, no transition period, no adoption process.

Sounds easy? It is!

Integrating both solutions allows for many new and efficient ways for Contact Center Agents to collaborate and improve performance. For instance, the ability to access the team's complete knowledge base or use the Teams chat and conversate on topics between agents, even while on the phone with customers.

The CC4Teams app is easy to use, easy to maintain, and provides you easy insights.

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Watch our Joint webinar, recorded at the Microsoft Studio's
Contact center benefits when Microsoft teams meets CC4Teams