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2024 Global Track & Trace Conference

Missed the live event on Tuesday, May 21? Don't worry! You can now access the On-Demand video recordings of the 2024 Global Track & Trace Conference.

As the DSCSA stabilization period comes to an end, are you confident in your compliance readiness? With the November 27th deadline fast approaching, your organization needs to be prepared by September, ensuring two months of operational data beforehand. Our on-demand videos provide the crucial information and guidance you need to stay ahead.

Why Watch?

Ensure your team is fully prepared and compliant. Watch these essential sessions at your convenience and equip your organization with the knowledge to navigate the complexities of DSCSA compliance. Gain invaluable insights from leading industry experts as they engage in comprehensive discussions on:

  • Implementing DSCSA and Future Expectations
    Presented by: Abha Kundi, JD, MPH from the U.S. FDA
  • Exception Handling Management
    Moderated by: Dennis Even of NNIT
    Panelists: Kristen Mattioni from Teva Pharmaceuticals, Gregg Gorniak from Cencora
  • Onboarding Downstream Partners
    Moderated by: Chris Stickel from NNIT
    Panelists: Tracy Nasarenko from GS 1 US, Ravi Kannan from Glenmark Pharmaceuticals
  • FDA Enforcement Readiness
    Moderated by: Karyl Brown from NNIT
    Panelists: Matt Sample from Cencora, Dennis Even from NNIT

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