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Email Marketing

Send behavioural-based emails that convert

✔️ Send automated emails based on user behaviour

✔️ Run A/B tests to find out what delivers the best ROI 

✔️ Use dynamic content to truly personalise your emails

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Behaviour-based Emails

Track users activity and send emails when the time is right

Use the data captured from your leads form completions and page tracking information to send the right email and the right time.

Automated emails based on behaviour are proven to increase sales, while reducing time and money spent on chasing prospects.

Dynamic Email Content | CRM & Marketing Automation

Dynamic  Email Content

Create content backed by real-time data

Use the information your leads give you to send them the right information at the right time.

Dynamic email content allows you to swap out sections of your email so that it reflects the interests and buying stage of your leads, without needing to create multiple separate emails.

AB Email Tests | CRM & Marketing Automation

A/B Tests

find out what resonates with your audience with data-backed results

Test your email copy, your subject lines, your call-to-actions and more with A/B testing.

Get a comprehensive report of what worked best and use that data to consistently refine your emails and increase your ROI.

Drag and Drop Email Editor | CRM & Marketing Automation

Drag and Drop Email Editor

simple and easy to use email builder

Understand the performance of your marketing efforts with powerful analytics and data reporting. Track your marketing campaigns and find out what campaigns are converting and what campaigns aren’t!

Aut0-Responder Emails | CRM & Marketing Automation


reply in an instant with auto-responder emails

Generate trust and credibility in your business by automating emails when a form is completed.

Smart Mail | CRM & Marketing Automation

Smart Mail

send 1-to-1 emails that your sales team will love

Smart Mail saves you time and resources by allowing your sales team to send pre-written emails that they can personalise to fit the needs of each prospect.

Smart Mail, unlike emails sent from Gmail and Outlook, gives you the ability to see if a lead opens your email, even if they don't respond.

Shopping Cart Abandonment | CRM & Marketing Automation

Shopping Cart Abandonment

win back customers who abandon their basket

Remind your customers they haven't checked out by sending emails that let them know what products are left in their basket!

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RSS Subscription

create and send your website content without lifting a finger

Set up an rss feed for your blog and automatically send out emails when you a publish a new post.

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