By learning from each other, we can pay it forward.   

Once a month, we bring members of our community together in the spirit of business fellowship and personal growth.

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Cheers to good coffee and better conversations.

We believe that making face-to-face connections is a powerful force of good in today’s digital world. Forming new personal relationships strengthens our community and our professional lives. Our purpose in coming together is to serve not sell. So, the only agenda item you’ll find here is being yourself.


We welcome each other with the common purpose of making meaningful connections and paying it forward.


By discussing our challenges, we gain fresh perspective. Comparing our unique experiences creates new insights.


You never know what you’ll hear at a Coffee with Coffey session. But who doesn’t love a good yarn?


We value an open and supporting environment. This is a safe space to share without judgement.

To foster an intimate group discussion, these events are by invitation only.

Request your invitation to join these supportive gatherings.

If you’re interesting in joining us, please request an invite. We meet once a month for free-wheeling, growth-focused conversations over coffee. Come as you are, when you can.