Community Marketing

Collab Social Network

Join other non-competing brands in a collaborative consumer social network in Ecglobal Collabs.

Ecglobal Collabs are a type of community with a network level that brings together a group of non-competing brands that share the same audience in a collaborative environment.

Although they are in the same Collab network, each brand has its own community with its individual characteristics, and whose participants adhere to specific segmentation and profiling.



Why create an Ecglobal Collab?

With this strategy, it is possible to take a more holistic look at consumer behavior, further reducing the average time for study conclusions and cutting more than half of the investment that would be required individually.

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One of our major Collab cases is formed between  Itaú, Natura, Nestlé, BRF, Stellantis, and Via, which have come together in a true research hub. This partnership enables the identification of consumer behavior with much greater agility, as well as the development of more effective strategies

The results of the studies are enhanced thanks to the fully collaborative environment.

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