Outperforming in Your Value Position Through Primary Research

About this webinar:

Discover how to gather and leverage primary research to refine your UVP. Uncover your differentiators and amplify your market positioning.

Presented by industry leader and owner of Kinetic Marketing & Creative, Dana Pulis. You'll learn from her wealth of knowledge and unlock the secrets to captivating your audience and dominating the market with primary research-driven UVP development.

• Learn proven techniques for conducting primary research

• Understand customer perceptions and competitor analysis

• Refine your UVP using research-driven insights

• Amplify your brand values and market positioning


More about our presenter:



Dana Pulis is the founder and principal of Kinetic, which she launched in 2007 from her home in Billings with a passion for helping businesses thrive through creative marketing communications. Under her leadership, Kinetic has achieved incredible success, delivering outstanding results for a diverse portfolio of local, regional, and national clients. Her commitment to excellence has enabled Kinetic to grow from a small local agency to a nationally recognized industry leader, winning awards and recognition against some of the largest ad agencies in the country.

As a highly respected marketing expert, Dana is known for her exceptional writing skills and engaging public speaking abilities. She is also an accomplished business leader who attracts and mentors top talent in the industry, including account directors, project managers, designers and writers.