Budgeting for Marketing Success: Unleash Your Growth Potential.

About this webinar:

Revolutionize your budgeting process by unlocking the secrets of creating a marketing budget that fuels your organization's success. 

In this dynamic session hosted by Onna, Kinetic’s Strategic Director, you'll gain invaluable insights into building a strategic budget that empowers your marketing efforts and promotes long-term growth.

You'll discover how to:

• Create an effective marketing and advertising annual budget

• Allocate the right percentage of revenue for marketing success

• Structure your budget to support both marketing and sales objectives

• Build a multi-year budget plan for sustained growth

• Empower your agency partners for stellar results


More about our presenter:

Onna Cunningham


Onna Cunningham, our Strategic Director, is based in Birmingham, Alabama and brings a spirit of entrepreneurship to every client on our roster. Prior to joining us, she founded two separate companies and led both through impressive agency growth as both the owner and Chief Marketing Officer. She also carries 15 years of experience in the advertising agency space armed with skills in account direction, digital strategy and ROI-oriented marketing planning.