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Finding Hope & Healing at Arbor Place

Every day we help people just like you and your family overcome substance abuse and find hope for a better life with Multidimensional Family Therapy (MDFT). MDFT has helped countless families work through adolescent problems, from substance abuse to delinquency, and has been proven to lead to lasting and significant changes for the client and his or her family.

Do you want to?

  •  Rediscover familial harmony and cultivate nurturing relationships?

  •  Help your loved one become happy, healthy, and successful again?

  •  Support your loved one getting their life back on track and beating their demons?

  •  Learn about a therapy that’s been proven to lead to sustainable and significant outcomes?

  •  See a complete road map to healing, for not just your loved one, but for you too?     

In this free exclusive client story, we share the exact steps that led to Isaac, 17, going from failing school, using drugs every day, and lashing out at family to being sober, going to school, and getting involved with community service after just a few months of MDFT. 

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See how MDFT can help those you love.


Of cases rarely or never engaged in illegal activities at discharge.


Reduction in hard drug use.


Of cases had no new arrests during treatment.

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The path to a guided recovery and support is right around the corner. At Arbor Place we promise to be there for you, in confidence, every step of the way.







There’s a path to get your loved one’s back on track. Get help today at Arbor Place.

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