Keep sight of your labor costs
with Burdened Labor Costing with the Apex eSuite provided to you by Applied Management Group and Bookkeeping By Mike

We will simplify your labor cost analysis, make your profits stronger,
and your employees happier than ever.

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There is more to labor costs than you know

Are you currently calculating all the overhead, benefits costs, vehicle and insurance costs along with all the incremental costs that come with hiring?

Apex eSuite walks you through all the costs that come with adding a new employee in a step by step approach.

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Stop Buying Work and Start Building Revenue

Run reports, see the breakeven point, change scenarios and get a full understanding of how efficient your employees need to be for your business revenue to grow.

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Budgeting Projections
Forecasting Models
360 Degree View of Costs
Hourly, Monthly and Annual Breakdowns
Proportional View of Vehicle/Labor Costs
Instant Visibility to your Numbers
Automatic Updates
Single Source for your Data
User Access Control
“What if?” Scenarios
Built-in Security

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Listen to What These Business Owners Had to Say:

"Coolest product"

"They are a partner in business. It is the coolest thing I’ve ever dealt with honestly."

John Mullette- Culligan Mid-Missouri


"This is how businesses harvest information from their financials to run their businesses more efficiently and more profitably; how to use that information to think more strategically and achieve their goals"

Lauri Rollings- PMC/SMACCA 

Frequently Asked Questions

With so many questions we are here to help you understand the importance of labor costs and how this impacts your business success.

  • What is Burdened Labor Cost (BLC)?

    Burdened Labor Costing is the culmination of direct costs and a percentage of indirect costs and revenue responsibilities attached to an employee responsible for generating revenue for the company.

  • Why do I need Burdened Labor Costing (BLC)?

    BLC gives you a working management metric for pricing, labor efficiencies, labor management, costing controls, and job costing. This number helps you to determine profit margins more accurately and forecast future earnings and profits.

  • What is included in calculating Burdened Labor Cost (BLC)?

    There are over 55 different factors from your financials included.

  • Why is it called a labor management tool?

    Understanding your labor costs and revenue responsibilities gives you a greater control over their revenue generating activities and time management.

  • What do I get after entering all of my numbers

    A management metric number that gives you control over labor costs, job costing, and true profitability controls.

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