Sales / CSR Huddles

What is a Sales / CSR Huddle?  A one-hour session where you can collaborate with sales professionals, customer service representatives and selling owners. Each Huddle starts with a short learning zone to provide even more skill sharpening. 

When are the Huddles?  

• Sales Professionals: Twice monthly at 3pm ET

• CSR's: Once monthly at 1pm ET

Why should you come to a Huddle (and keep coming back)? Huddles are a great place to:

• Learn from others in the network about what’s working and what’s not.

• Share your wins and challenges with the group and get immediate feedback to improve your results.

• Increase motivation and accountability to remain focused and positive.

Registration details: Upon registration, you will receive an email from a Sales Coach with a calendar invitation to the appropriate huddle based on your role. Center Team Members must have a Confidentiality and Non-Solicitation Agreement (CANS).

For registration assistance or questions about the Sales Support Programs, please submit a case to Sales Support on the Hub or email