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Get the Maryland Advocacy Playbook

At the Maryland Chamber of Commerce, we believe that all business leaders deserve to have a voice in the future of Maryland's economy.

This is why we created the Maryland Advocacy Playbook to teach people about advocacy and how you can make a difference in Annapolis. 

This guide provides you with the necessary tools and resources to ensure that your voice is heard.

This guide includes:

  • An explanation of the legislative process
    • A directory of Maryland’s legislative leadership
      • A full list of Maryland’s committee hearings
        • Sample correspondence messages to legislative officials
        • Information about the Maryland Chamber’s policy committees
        • How you can get involved in advocacy
        • And so much more…

We need your support in Annapolis

Last year alone, legislators introduced 2,497 bills and 16 joint resolutions during the 2019 Maryland General Assembly legislative session—1,056 from the Senate and 1,441 from the House. 774 of these bills became law.

In conjunction with the Maryland Chamber’s Legislative and Policy Committees, we reviewed 341 bills, tracking and testifying on 157 with significant foreseeable impacts on Maryland’s businesses and industries. Our committee members provided critical analysis and testimonials on each Chamber-considered bill, and offered expertise to assist the government affairs team’s advocacy.

If you’re worried about the impact of proposed legislation on the success and growth of your business, this advocacy guide will empower you with the right tools and resources to take action.

At the Maryland Chamber, we believe in a robust free enterprise system, balanced and predictable laws, and the preservation of employers to manage their workforce to stimulate job creation across the state.

As one of the leading advocacy organizations for businesses in Maryland, the Maryland Chamber works hard to fight for businesses of all sizes to ensure that Maryland can remain a strong and competitive state.


“This advocacy playbook provides businesses with the right tools and resources to advocate for issues important to them. At the Maryland Chamber, we are pleased and proud to facilitate that exchange for business leaders across Maryland."

Ashley Duckman, Vice President of Government Affairs, Maryland Chamber of Commerce.

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