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Results Driven Google Ads Management, Marketing, Research, Implementation & Analysis For {$companyName!"You"}!

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Google Adwords Management by Advertising Solutions

Google Adwords Management by Advertising Solutions

Google Ads Management Services


Let us help make your existing campaigns more effective, while introducing you to affordable methods of promotion you may not be aware of.

Improved return on investment

We don’t just rely on automated algorithms to run your ads. We include human ingenuity and work directly with Google’s own AdWords Specialists to help you get the best return for your AdWords marketing budget!


On average our clients receive the following results versus managing on their own:

  • 3x Clicks

  • 3x Impressions

  • 6x Conversions

  • Near 50% Cost Reduction Per Click

Services Included in Google AdWords Management Services

Google accounts for two out of every three searches done online in the US. Of all pay-per-click advertising models, Google Ads remains the most effective form.

Google Ads not only allows a business to attain prominent positioning in search results, but also provides valuable tools for testing keywords and phrases that help improve existing SEO strategies and achieve success.

While Google has made Ads a system that can be used by most any business owner or marketing manager, in order to truly achieve optimal results, receive the most impressions, clicks, and ROI for advertising dollars spent, it's imperative to have the knowledge and experience to make these ads successful.

Advertising Solution's team has the knowledge and experience necessary to help clients achieve more impressions and clicks per ad, while most importantly dramatically increasing conversions and reducing costs.

  • Keyword Discovery & Selection
    • Ad Text Copy Writing
    • Help Optimizing Landing Pages
    • Conversion Tracking
    • Call Tracking
    • Ad Submission
    • PPC Monitoring
    • PPC Cost Management
    • Campaign Improvement Modification
    • Competitive Research
    • Landing Page Development & Improvements (additional service)

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Advertising Solutions has the perfect combination of both the personal attention needed, combined with the professional end results of a seasoned Web Design and advertising agency. As I transition from a small to medium size company, "Advertising Solutions" is appropriately named. Trust and consistency is a large component of any business relationship. I highly recommend that your business consider Advertising Solutions for any, if not all, of your web design and marketing needs.


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Results Driven Google Ads Management, Marketing, Research, Implementation & Analysis

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