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bridge the gap between your marketing and sales—so no leads go unattended.
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What makes our process so successful?

Combining Technology with a Human Touch

Your marketing team drives great leads, and your sales teams close deals. We bridge the gap between the two and make sure no leads are lost or unattended. We combine the latest in marketing automation with human touch points that set you apart from the competition. We will  reach out to your customers within 5 minutes  of a form completion, using multiple touch points and a tailored combination of media to engage your leads and drive more sales through the funnel.

Techtonic Sales will guide you from marketing to and through selling— combining technology with a human touch.

Grow your business

Welcome Leads to Your Business

They deserve your attention and warmth—as if they knocked on your door and you invited them in. Listen to them. Learn about them. Connect with them. So you can solve their expensive business problems with your products and services.


Respond to Leads as soon as they show interest

Your marketing generates leads. Our experts respond to them quickly—and persistently. Data shows this is required to talk with more people, more ready to buy.

Talk with leads the right way

Now that we have their attention, we’ll ask the right questions. Your dedicated expert will learn, educate, filter, grade and place leads into the right sales funnel. Everything captured to push quality leads deeper into your sales process.

Understand your leads’ needs

With deep knowledge about your leads, your reps will have better insights to close more deals. For those not yet ready to buy, we’ll nurture them. So when they are ready, they’ll think of you.

We help businesses like yours keep up with leads... from the moment they show interest... to the time they're closed!

How to Make Every Lead Count!

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Whether you're driving 5,000 leads per year or 25,000, our process is proven to help you grow your revenue, and maintain that growth at any scale. 

WE VALUE EVERY LEAD! See for yourself...

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We Work Together to...


We will work with you to develop a unique process that's specifically geared towards the success of YOUR BUSINESS. A process that adapts to your digital marketing efforts to nurture leads, drive engagement, and close with measurable results. We believe that work based on frequency, urgency, and analytics will Make Your Marketing Matter.

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