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How LoRaWAN ® Can Help Fight COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to confront the world with unprecedented challenges, more governments and government institutions are sending calls for help to fight the Coronavirus.  Several incredible members of the LoRa Alliance® ecosystem have stepped up to answer those calls by providing solutions, technology, tips and resources to help our communities during this challenging time. These solutions are viable, readily available, and in some cases already deployed to hard-hit areas of the globe. If you have questions about any solution listed below, please contact derek.wallace@lora-alliance.com

Medical Gas Valve Monitoring 

With the increased demand for medical equipment, Italian companies Cavagna Group, in partnership with A2A Smart City, have enhanced production of medical gas valves used for oxygen cylinder delivery systems. These valves contain digital pressure gauges and are equipped with LoRaWAN for data transmission, which allows hospital staff to remotely monitor and control the amount of oxygen remaining in the cylinder.

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Asset Temperature Monitoring 

While hospitals focus on treating crucial COVID-19 cases, myDevices' SimplySense monitors the temperatures of vaccines and blood in refrigerators as well is in transportation. Maintaining proper temperature is critical to ensure vaccines, medicine, and blood don't spoil, while also helping to relieve the staff from manually having to record temperature readings.

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Infection Risk Reduction in  Hospitals & Healthcare

With the Coronavirus outbreak, hospitals are confronted with the challenge of treating patients while preventing the spread of infection. Microshare's IoT data solutions have demonstrated the ability to reduce infection risk through the deployment of sensors that provide a predictive view into cleaning needs, occupancy patterns, air and water quality and more.

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Infrared Temperature Sensor

Using Semtech’s LoRa® devices, Polysense has developed a series of smart human body temperature monitoring products.  Real-time data from the temperature sensors enables healthcare workers to efficiently screen individuals with a high temperature. The solution has recently shipped to Italy to help with its Coronavirus (COVID-19) response efforts.

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Free IoT Network in Madrid

Everynet is offering its secure wireless data network to the entire Madrid healthcare system for free during the Coronavirus crisis. This network covers the Madrid urban area, enabling a number of partners to accelerate deployment of their services aimed at supporting health professionals in their effort to tackle the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) crisis on the front line.  Everynet will be expanding free access to their networks in more cities in Spain, Europe and other cities around the world in the coming weeks.

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Preventative Maintenance in  Water Treatment Facilities

An unintended side effect of COVID-19, an influx of flushable wipes, latex gloves and paper towels being flushed down toilets are wreaking havoc on sewage systems, leading to backups and public health hazards. myDevices and éolane have partnered to help wastewater treatment facilities around the world prevent sewage backups with the BOB Assistant. Facilities with industrial machines can go from costly corrective maintenance to preventative and predictive maintenance. 

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Proximity Detection & Contact Tracing for Covid-19

Enhance workplace safety by enforcing social distancing policies! Compact wearable proximity sensors by Abeeway & Actility enable easy monitoring of interactions between people in all shared facilities, and allow to ensure that people are keeping the safe distance between each other, to avoid temporary shutdowns of operating factories with enhanced safety measures, and to track all the interactions between the infected and healthy people to identiify a contamination cluster. The solution allows Proximity Alert & Monitoring, Zoning policy enforcement, Density policy enforcement, Sanitisation of shared assets and Nurse-call bedside buttons in hospitals.

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Nurse Call Systems for Temporary Hospitals

With an influx of patients due to COVID-19, temporary hospitals are being set up around the world, but the infrastructure doesn't exist in temporary locations. myDevices is working with LoRa Alliance members Everynet, Redexia, and Abeeway to provide wireless nurse calling solution that sets up in minutes so patients can push a button to summon the Nurse staff.

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Free IoT Network in Finland

Finnish company, Digita, is offering their nationwide network free of charge through the end of 2020 to all IoT clients creating Coronavirus-related solutions for critical groups such as home care, nursing homes, family care and healthcare. 

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Private Proximity Monitoring

A Private Proximity Monitoring solution from NNNCo and WMW is being fast-tracked for use across different industries due to its potential to help workers and community members maintain social distancing and reduce the spread of the virus without compromising personal privacy.

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nCounter™ People Counting

During the COVID-19 crisis, the Meshed nCounter™ solution delivers 24x7 data on how many people are in any particular area at any given time.  Using this data, authorities can gauge the success of quarantine, or other people movement, measures that are being deployed to reduce the spread of the virus.  This solution monitors real-time changes in pedestrian flows enabling rapid adjustment of existing policies and can also assess how quickly behavioral patterns are likely to return to normal when restrictions are lifted.

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Universal Contact Tracing™

Microshare and Kerlink's Universal Contact Tracing solution helps mitigate contagion risk during outbreaks and the de-confining phase for large enterprises. The solution traces the proximity of workers and users in facilities and closed areas through inexpensive Bluetooth beacons, closing a loophole opened by systems relying on smartphones.

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Free LoRaWAN Networks in India

In an effort to contribute to the fight against COVID-19, SenRa, a PAN India LoRaWAN® network provider has announced free LoRaWAN Network until the end of 2020 for their customers.  This offer is extended to SenRa customers in India who are working on deploying IoT solutions which will assist in the fight against COVID-19. In addition to the free network offering, SenRa is actively working with partners to make COVID-19 ready solutions leveraging their IoT Analytics platform, Ginjer for providing real-time insight on connected devices used on the frontline. 

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Medication Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

Medical professionals work around the clock treating patients, often relying on medication to help them perform their job.  They need to know that the medication they use always meets the stringent health and safety standards of health regulators. Switzercloud's LoRaWAN Temperature & Humidity sensors measure and monitor conditions of medication storage cabinets to ensure that medication is always stored at the proper temperature. Already deployed at Merian Iselin Private Clinic in Basel, Switzerland, staff save time and remain compliant with health and safety regulations by being able to monitor medicine storage temperature and humidity. Staff are immediately alerted if preset conditions are not as they should be.

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Population Health Management

CareBand SafeTrack solution is an end-to-end solution to empower customers to get back their new normal with safety in mind. SafeTrack provides flexible, affordable, simple hardware and software solution for governments, public health authorities, schools, and corporations. The complete product suite includes solutions for contact tracing, proximity monitoring, geofencing, nurse call, pan monitoring, and behavior tracking. With the most scalable network and secure cloud infrastructure, CareBand's SafeTrack solutions can be easily deployed, configured, and tested in less than a week with no more than a smartphone. 

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Smart Indoor Air Quality Management (IAQ)

Skysens enables Smart Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Management to minimize airborne virus transmission and increase comfort and productivity. Using LoRaWAN networks in buildings with air quality sensors and smart algorithms, Skysens is able to initiate smart ventilation decisions for both mechanical infrastructure, such as fans, and alert personnel in order to maximize airborne infectiousness. The system is also able to monitor risky environmental conditions by detecting temperature and humidity. 

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Respiratory Sensor

The TEKTELIC Respiratory Sensor is the ideal solution to monitor patients and vulnerable individuals for potential respiratory illness. This specialized device is designed to continuously monitor and detect the most common symptoms of respiratory illness including increased body temperature and breathing rate, persistent cough and accelerated heart rate. An adjustable, washable strap ensures the device can be worn comfortably and discreetly in any situation.

 The Respiratory Sensor utilizes the long range and low power capabilities of LoRaWAN® to provide reliable “Always On” connectivity and unprecedented battery life of over 3 months. It is fully integrated with the TEKTELIC Respiratory Sensor Desktop Application for timely and accurate monitoring and notification of urgent events requiring medical intervention.

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Self-Service Facilities Sanitization

This IoT solution helps you to optimise the sanitisation of your self-service dispensers, machines and kiosks so that you can prevent the spread of germs as well as maintain a positive experience with your customers. Thanks to the Switzercloud, you always know when and how many movements are detected, so that you can react and efficiently plan when to sanitise.

Already deployed at Belmont Fruits & Distillery, a self-service cabin, the LoRaWAN®device senses when anyone enters the cabin and automatically alerts them via the Switzercloud platform. Instead of manning the cabin constantly, staff know exactly when to clean and wipe down all surfaces. Furthermore, owner Martin Rihs sees trends and patterns related to when and how many times the cabin is visited, helping him to better manage his team and when to restock the dispenser.

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Free LoRaWAN Networks in Scotland

Boston Networks has joined the fight against COVID-19 by giving free access to the Scottish Government-backed IoT Scotland network to anyone responding to the unique challenges raised by the ongoing pandemic.  Through the provision of free access to the IoT Scotland network, we’re offering developers, adopters, and end-users the opportunity to trial or deploy solutions to address a wide range of challenges that are facing our people, businesses and institutions during this difficult period such as supporting essential health and care services, monitoring the movement of people, or otherwise improving outcomes by protecting the lives of the vulnerable and those most at risk.  Several applications are already deployed, including People Movement / Footfall Monitoring, Home Environmental Monitoring, Smartphone Free Contact Tracing, Preparing Work and Public spaces. 

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Environment Monitoring and Risk Management Solutions for COVID-19 Building Re-Occupancy

Risk assessment policies and procedures have been identified as required pre-requisites for the re-occupancy and on-going occupancy safety guidelines of buildings, workplaces, and all indoor environments. ASHRAE has suggested a variety of ventilation strategies to help mitigate airborne transmission. CO2  is the key indicator of how well an area is ventilated relative to the occupant load. High CO2 concentrations can indicate poor ventilation and/or locations where groups are gathering. Additionally, research indicates that maintaining relative humidity levels between 40% and 60% reduces the bioburden of infectious particles in the space and decreases the infectivity of many viruses in the air. eleven-x’s indoor environment monitoring solution includes the sensors, wireless connectivity and data analytics/collection to support building readiness models like those outlined by ASHRAE via accurate, remote, real-time tracking of important indoor environmental factors – effective ventilation via real-time CO2 and relative humidity levels

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Back To Work On Premises Solution For Site Managers

 Lockdown lift has come and workers are about to get back to work on site be it industrial, commercial or tertiary. In order to prevent a second COVID-19 wave, Vertical M2M brings a 3 flaps IoT solution to make this process secure and reassuring for people. 3 key issues related to COVID-19 spread are treated: people’s temperature, social distancing and ambient conditions.

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Option Safe Distancing Solution

It is proven that safe-distancing is an effective way to limit and decrease the spread of infectious diseases like COVID-19 and Influenza. The Option Safe Distancing Solution allows businesses to safely bring their employees back to the workplace while monitoring their close-proximity interactions and ensuring that proper distancing guidelines are being followed.

For sales inquiries, please contact: pwillekens@option.com

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